Diana Elstad  MS, CDP, LMHC

Mental Health/Addiction and Recovery/Life Improvement

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Chemical Dependency Professional with a specialty certificate in geriatric mental health from the University of Washington.

Twenty-eight years of experience providing mental health and addiction/recovery counseling to individuals, couples, and families in community clinics, hospitals, and private practice.

My goal as a therapist is to not only address any addiction and/or mental health issues that may be present, but also help you move towards a fuller living experience.  Many of us come to therapy because the pain in our lives has become unbearable.  Asking for help from a therapist is a huge and courageous step.  Within all of us, I believe, is a desire for greater wellness.  However, in order to make changes in our lives, first of all we need to feel safe and know that someone cares.  Once we feel safe and cared for (perhaps for the first time in our lives), we can begin to examine the dysfunctional thought patterns and behaviors that have kept us stuck.  We begin to break the old rules of “don’t talk, don’t feel, don’t trust.”  We acknowledge our strengths.  We begin to take risks and our lives start to change.  We begin to find our voice, feel our feelings, and discover that there are safe people we can trust.  We learn to ask for help, set appropriate boundaries, and speak our truth.  We are able to face the reality of our lives with steadiness and sanity.  A new world opens.

Therapy is about change, growth and hope.  

It can happen for anyone. It can happen for you.

Diana Elstad
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